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We support an extensive network of professionals, including Remodeling Contractors, Builders, Plumbers, even Electricians.

We can Manage your project with these professionals doing your work.

Thank you for allowing us to prove that our "On-line Showroom" of products and services, align with any showroom in America at a price of 40-60% less, because our overheads are less.


All our cabinets are IN STOCK, and will ship either from California or Texas.

Delivery to your job-site is 10-21 days. Freight and delivery has had a few challenges and thus the wide lead time.



INGRID GUIDO  (owner and founder)

1 (858) 945-4167

Servicing all of the USA


LIANE WELTON    (Custom Interior Designer)

1 (858) 472-6342

Servicing "The Greater San Diego County"

Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 12.10.46 PM.jpeg

Corbin de Waal  (deWaal Capentry & Design)

1(858) 472-4035

Servicing  "The Greater San Antonio County"


Hayne Wolmarans  (One Way Construction Texas)

1(210) 946-9110

Servicing "The Greater San Antonio County"

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